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11 Grins - Crank it to 11 - A Digital Marketing Agency located in Huntsville, Alabama
What's the 11 all about?

We love what we do, every day is a new adventure, and the glass is always half-full here. We are SEO and online marketing experts with over 20 years of experience in the digital industry. Our client's success matters to us, which is why we strive to develop creative solutions that exceed their online goals and aspirations. All businesses are different and all have different needs, even if in the same industry. You deserve a digital marketing partner who is willing to listen, educate themselves on your industry and competitors, and ultimately invest the time to help you grow your business.

As an SEO focused company, all of our services focus on factors that contribute to the advancement of achieving SEO initiatives. The web is a vast place with over 30 billion web pages, (yes that was a b as in billion). With that many pages, it is doubtful that your business will be ranking #1 all by itself without the assistance of an SEO professional's expertise.

What’s up with the 11 and why are you grinning? Traditional scales go to ten, we go one further to 11. Anytime we do our best and get results, we grin, especially when we crank things to 11.

Whether search engine optimization (SEO), reputation management, web design, and or ongoing monthly maintenance services, we can assist your business. We look forward to learning about your business's SEO and digital marketing needs.

If you enjoy saying "how did you do that?" or "most excellent", then we are for you.

Why is Investing in Digital Marketing Important?
  • of global traffic comes from Google Search,
    Google Images, and Google Maps.”
  • —SparkToro
  • of Gen X primarily use mobile search.”
  • —Hubspot
Our Services

All of our services are designed to work together to help provide your business with an opportunity to have a more prominent online presence.

Traditional advertising mediums used to rule the roost and while they are still widely used, online content, ranking for search results, and online reviews have become an advertising medium in their own right.

We believe that “consistency is key” in achieving online success. Continually performing monthly tasks that add value to enrich your business’s online position. Online success takes time and is a continuous never ending process.

The majority of our services are designed around a 12 month schedule to provide monthly monitoring and growth of your online presence. We invite you to explore all of our services.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Boost Position & Increase Your Footprint

We are SEO experts who love achieving results for our clients. Using industry leading software we perform SEO audits, create tailored SEO strategies, and fix on-page and technical SEO issues to help increase your business's chances of ranking better organically. Depending on your needs, we can create SEO tailored content, utilize link building, implement local SEO and many other SEO related techniques.

In addition, we strive to find creative ways to enlarge your search footprint and to continually discover innovative keywords to help get you found.

Being present online is not enough. SEO is not a one and done task because the online marketplace is continually changing, from Google changing their algorithm to new competitors entering the marketplace to your current competitors upping their SEO game.

If you want your business to succeed online, persistence and consistency are key in-regards to your SEO efforts. We suggest investing in your SEO success with a long-term perspective. Take a moment to review our SEO services below.

SEO Strategy

After careful review of analytics, audits, previous deliverables, and gaining an understanding of what your business is trying to accomplish, we develop an SEO strategy tailored to achieving your SEO goals. The tailored strategy will then be strategically woven in your new website’s content, technical SEO, on-page SEO, and local SEO efforts.


Let us help you generate more customers for your business by increasing your search page rankings and conversions. Our SEO services include SEO strategic planning, SEO Audits, Local SEO, Backlinks generation, Link Building, Content Marketing, On-page SEO, Competitor Analysis, and reporting.

Technical SEO

After performing an SEO audit, improve your website’s rankings by having us fix technical errors, making it easier for search engines to crawl your website. Compliance to search engine technical standards can help improve rankings.

Local SEO

Local SEO is an additional SEO strategy that helps increase a business’s visibility for local search results on Google. We review and improve areas of your online presence as it applies to Local SEO so that prospective local customers can find you.

Link Building

Link building is an SEO method used to build up external links (backlinks) pointing back to your website. Backlinks are one of many key factors that help contribute to SEO and ranking well. Backlinks from higher-authority websites are the best and we can help with that.

SEO Content Writing - 11 Grins - A Digital Marketing Agency

Content Writing

Need content written for your new website, online marketing efforts, and or guest posts, no problem we can assist. Perhaps you have copy prepared, but need it updated to incorporate your new SEO strategy, we can help with that too. Let’s discuss the possibilities further.

Reputation Management

Grow Positive Google Reviews

Feedback from your customers is important to the continued online growth of your business.

Google Reviews for example are one of many factors that Google considers for Map Pack and the Organic Search Result rankings, which is important if you want to continue to rank well for local searches.

Google reviews also help create validation for Google that your business is trustworthy and valid.

Reviews also help build trust with prospective customers who are doing research prior making purchases and or visiting your physical location. For many customers, online product and service reviews are the new word-of-mouth.

Reputation Management

Google Reviews are the online version of word-of-mouth recommendations. 11 Grins can help with strategizing and providing avenues for your business to generate positive reviews. We can also assist with the monitoring of your online review presence and responding in a timely manor to positive and negative feedback.

Review Generation - 11 Grins - A Digital Marketing Agency

Review Generation

Today’s online reviews are yesterday’s word-of-mouth advertising. Reviews, especially Google reviews can be deal closers, helping those ready to spend dollars make a decision. Google reviews help build trust among prospective customers and can help with SEO too.

Website Design & Development

Build a Bespoke Online Presence

Online customers are savvy and they expect a business’s online presence to look fresh, stylish, and attractive. A dated design, a website with poor functionality, and or a broken website can cost your company new customers.

In need of a refresh, purchased an existing business, or just have an exciting new business idea?

We would like the opportunity to transform your online vision in something most excellent! In addition to websites, we can also handle your ongoing monthly maintenance and hosting needs as well.

Contact us today, we'd love to discuss your digital marketing needs.

Digital Marketing Strategy

A digital marketing strategy is basically a road map for accomplishing your digital goals. It provides direction for everyone involved to better help achieve results within a given time period. We suggest using strategies for all of our services.

Website Design

Looking to scale-up, rebrand, and or perhaps start a new business? Let us create a bespoke solution specifically for your business's needs. All of our website designs are custom to help ensure that your website is unique and that it stands out from the competition.

Wordpress Development

Over 10+ years of Wordpress experience, it is a specialty of ours. We love developing bespoke solutions that are tailored to our client’s needs. Wordpress is a content management system (CMS) used by over 34 million websites. Starting with our own bare bones in-house foundation, we build in the essential details into your project along with any goodies that are specific to your company's needs. Our Wordpress solutions are custom and built to be light weight and efficient.

Website Hosting - 11 Grins - A Digital Marketing Agency

Website Hosting

Need a new website built, you’ll need a place for it to live. We offer ultrafast dedicated Wordpress hosting for all of our new website builds. Our hosting is optimized to work specifically with Wordpress to help increase efficiency and speed.

Monthly Maintenance

Like a brand new car, your new business website needs regularly scheduled monthly maintenance. "Between 2020-21, cyber-attacks on small companies surged by more than 150%..." —BBC. Protect your website investment and decrease malicious attempts by keeping internals up-to-date. In addition to protection, we also handle monthly content updates.

as your
  • Technology

    We use industry leading tools to help us work faster, more efficiently, and are pros at our craft. No cookie cutter content here, only original online content. Our projects are never outsourced to third world countries, nor will they ever be.

  • Excellence

    We love what we do and we take great pride in the work that we do for our clients. Details, details, details… did we say details? Our eye for details are what elevates a project from good to great, successful to a smashing… you get the idea. As creative professionals we strive each day to deliver the best possible results we can for our clients.

  • In The Loop

    We believe in keeping our clients in the know. Access to monthly SEO reports, allow your company to see progress and or areas that need work. For quoted projects, we keep you informed periodically throughout the process so that you can see how your investment is progressing.

  • Convenience

    For all of our monthly reoccurring services we offer the ability for our clients to opt-in for either automatic credit card or ACH payment, in-fact we encourage it. No more writing checks and wondering did I pay this invoice? It just happens, like magic.

  • You Matter

    Our customers matter to us. We try to make the process as convenient, straight forward, and transparent as possible. Regardless of whether your company is interested in reoccurring monthly services such as SEO, reputation management, and or quoted projects like web design and Wordpress website development we will do our best to advise you through the process.

The People Have Spoken

Google Reviews

Sam is excellent. He has been managing our website for a few years inclusive of rebuilding it for us. Sam is prompt, reasonable, excellent at what he does. We are... read more

Michelle Tenzyk
October 22, 2023

Sam has helped me to create and manage an author website for several years. He is responsive, quick, creative, and a delight to work with. I rely on him enormously... read more

Deborah Royce
November 1, 2023

Reviews From Around the Web

  • ...thanks so much for all your help through this rebranding process – you are a S*T*A*R!!!!
    — Elizabeth Kosich, Chief Marketing Officer, CORE
  • No two companies are created the same way and no two company's needs are the same. I feel that Sam really understands our culture and who we are as a company and in so doing he can really tailor what he does for us and make it unique.
    — Shaun Osher, Founder and CEO, CORE
  • Using the correct keyword searches and modifications for my business has had immediate results on both Google and Yahoo searches. I have moved up to page one on both sites.
    — George Mahoney, Owner, Storage Trailers of Alabama
  • Working with Sam brought out the best of the creative process. I felt totally comfortable brainstorming with him. When I came up with a design or functionality question he always gave me a straight answer...
    — Adam Reist, Co-founder, Creative Director, Coastline Pictures
  • You're the best! Your dedication, commitment and hard work amazes me. I can't tell you how happy I am to work with you!
    — Kim McKimmon, Owner, Bowe Creative Group
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