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We Love Being Triumphant at Everything We Do

We excel at pushing the limits, while others may go to 10, we go to 11!

11 Grins - Crank it to 11 - A Digital Marketing Agency located in Huntsville, Alabama
Who We Are

Passionate about what we do is definitely an understatement. We love what we do, every day is a new adventure, and we are always stoked! We are SEO and online marketing experts with over 20 years of experience in the digital marketing industry. Our primary broad focus is SEO, meaning all of our services play a contributing part in assisting your company’s SEO success.

First and foremost, you matter, followed by your company’s online success. Invested in a people first approach, we take the time to get to know our potential clients because you matter. As a secondary focus, we invest the time to become educated on your industry, competitors, and details about your business.

We are in business because we love being creative, enjoy collaborating with talented individuals, and have a passion for assisting companies strive to be the best they can be. We are looking forward to hearing from you. Let us help you be the best you can be with your digital marketing efforts.

What Makes Us Different?

Our goal is to make the process as easy, transparent, and hands free for you as much as possible. We believe in doing as much of the heavy lifting and reoccurring tasks that we can, reducing your daily to-do list. From programming, reporting, and even invoicing we believe in making the process seamless and easy.

While we believe in using the latest technology, it is important to us to create original content that is distributed across various online channels. Creating original content means that humans are investing the time creating and delivering unique content for your business. In an effort to maintain a high standard, all of our client work is performed in the United States, we do not outsource projects overseas to third-world countries.

We think of our clients as are our friends. While we may not hang out on the weekends, we believe in treating you with respect by listening and learning about your business as if it were our own.

Our business is built on a foundational long-term approach that focuses on the phrase “consistency is key”. Routinely looking for ways to grow your brand’s presence and staying on top of things to catch any issues before they affect your brand’s growth. Results don’t just happen overnight, they take time. We believe in consistently investing time each month to grow and to protect your business’s online investment.

11 Grins Digital Marketing Agency - Huntsville, Alabama
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What We Are
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Our History

In business since 2009, 11 Grins started out as a team of one where I worked directly with brands, agencies, and independent contractors. For the first 14 years, my primary business focus was website design, development, and email marketing, with SEO as a supporting secondary focus.

Noticing a shift in the market and seeing unmet needs in several areas, I began reseaching how I could change my business model to adapt and grow. I created new processes, integrated industry leading tools, and put it all into motion. I retooled forward-facing proceedures for my clients to make the monthly reoccuring processes more efficient and designed an exciting new look for the business that reflects my personality. I teamed up with other U.S. based creative professionals who believed in my vision, and the I became a team.

Our new primary focus is SEO (Search Engine Optimization), the marketing of your business's online presence, and monthly maintenance. All of the services that we offer are designed to work together to improve SEO results while increasing your digital marketing presence.

In 2023 the pieces came together, I had a vision of where I wanted to go, built a team of professionals to do it, and rebranded to 11 Grins. We cannot wait to help you grow your business and crank results to 11.

The People Have Spoken

Google Reviews

Sam has helped me to create and manage an author website for several years. He is responsive, quick, creative, and a delight to work with. I rely on him enormously... read more

Deborah Royce
November 1, 2023

Sam is excellent. He has been managing our website for a few years inclusive of rebuilding it for us. Sam is prompt, reasonable, excellent at what he does. We are... read more

Michelle Tenzyk
October 22, 2023

Reviews From Around the Web

  • You're the best! Your dedication, commitment and hard work amazes me. I can't tell you how happy I am to work with you!
    — Kim McKimmon, Owner, Bowe Creative Group
  • Using the correct keyword searches and modifications for my business has had immediate results on both Google and Yahoo searches. I have moved up to page one on both sites.
    — George Mahoney, Owner, Storage Trailers of Alabama
  • When projects run on a 24/7 schedule, it is great to know that our sites are always live, always high quality and always available on time.
    — Benjamin Gordon, Vice President of Development, Continental Ventures
  • He goes outside the boundaries and goes above and beyond what I've asked him to do.
    — Ray Jarrell, Owner, Creative Director, Jarrell Entertainment
  • The quality, timing and ease of working with Sam makes for an exceptional experience.
    — Jane Gol, President, Continental Ventures
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