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Google Reviews

Sam is excellent. He has been managing our website for a few years inclusive of rebuilding it for us. Sam is prompt, reasonable, excellent at what he does. We are... read more

Michelle Tenzyk
October 22, 2023

Sam has helped me to create and manage an author website for several years. He is responsive, quick, creative, and a delight to work with. I rely on him enormously... read more

Deborah Royce
November 1, 2023

Reviews From Around the Web

  • I mean this is New York we don't have time to wait, we don't have two weeks to get things done, we have to get things done immediately and Sam can do that and do it without a problem.
    — Brittley Wise, Chief Operating Officer, CORE
  • It’s not only about how it looks, but how it works with the end user. The site’s success hinges on that relationship, and Sam is fluent in both of those fronts.
    — Bob Miller, Photographer and Visual journalist
  • Working with Sam brought out the best of the creative process. I felt totally comfortable brainstorming with him. When I came up with a design or functionality question he always gave me a straight answer...
    — Adam Reist, Co-founder, Creative Director, Coastline Pictures
  • I first and foremost trust his input when I may have my own thought on how something might go. But if Sam says no it should go this way then I listen to why and invariably I say yes, ok.
    — Tom Postilio, Cabaret Singer
  • Using the correct keyword searches and modifications for my business has had immediate results on both Google and Yahoo searches. I have moved up to page one on both sites.
    — George Mahoney, Owner, Storage Trailers of Alabama
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