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Wordpress is one of our specialties and we love working with it!

What is Wordpress and why should we use a content management system?

Wordpress is the industry leading content management system that we use exclusively at 11 Grins. A content management system is a platform used to store and manage a website’s content in a more efficient way. Wordpress has been around since 2003.

How can Wordpress benefit your business?

Whether you decide to have 11 Grins perform content updating or an employee in-house, Wordpress is an efficient option for simple copy and image updating. 43% of all websites are built using Wordpress, which means there is massive support for it as well.

Your company currently has a website, how do you know if it is built on Wordpress?

Contact us and we would be happy to take a quick look and we can advise whether or not your website is built on the Wordpress platform.

Why is performing monthly Wordpress maintenance important?

Every platform has vulnerabilities, Wordpress is no different. However, with regularly scheduled maintenance security vulnerabilities can be greatly decreased. Included in our monthly maintenance is the review and updating of the Wordpress core and plugins (if updates are available).

  • Plugins are responsible for 99% of WordPress vulnerabilities.
  • —Solid WP

How does Wordpress maintenance work and do you offer it?

Yes, we offer Wordpress reoccurring monthly maintenance plans for existing Wordpress websites and for new Wordpress website builds. We only service Wordpress websites. Monthly maintenance plans are not included in the cost of a new Wordpress website build. Depending on the needs of your business, we can make suggestions on the scope of the maintenance plan. Your business can scale your plan up or down at anytime.

What do you recommend for website hosting?

We recommend a hosting platform that specializes in Wordpress hosting specific solutions. The right hosting solution will help with page load times and Google rewards websites that load quickly. You want good quality hosting that pairs specifically with Wordpress, our hosting partner does exactly that.

  • 43.1% of all websites are built on WordPress."
  • —W3Techs
Do you have someone performing regularly scheduled maintenance on your Wordpress driven website?

To ensure that your Wordpress website remains secure, you should partner with someone to handle the monitoring and monthly updating. 11 Grins would be happy to assist.


For new Wordpress website builds, we use our own bare bones in-house foundation and build in the essential goodies that your project requires. All of our solutions are custom and built to be light weight and efficient. When possible we strive to use as few plugins as possible to make the system less plugin dependent. For our new builds, we suggest pairing your new Wordpress website with our hosting solution that is specifically designed for to run Wordpress.

We are a Wordpress only agency, meaning we only build and perform maintenance for Wordpress websites. We believe in the platform, it has massive support, and we love working with it.

Monthly Wordpress maintenance is extremely important to ensure that your investment remains up-to-date and as secure as possible. Regardless of whether you have us build your Wordpress website or you have an existing Wordpress website, we would be happy to perform the monthly maintenance for your company.


Wordpress Performance, SEO, & Maintenance

Whether you need assistance with an existing Wordpress website or you need a new website built we can assist. We have over 10+ years of Wordpress experience, it is a specialty of ours. We love developing bespoke solutions that are tailored to our client’s needs.

In addition to new Wordpress website builds and Wordpress SEO modifications, we can also perform your reoccurring monthly Wordpress maintenance to keep your investment running smoothly.

Please take a moment to view all of our Wordpress related services below.

Wordpress SEO - 11 Grins - A Digital Marketing Agency

Wordpress SEO

Whether an existing site or a new build, we integrate your keyword SEO strategy into necessary areas, make SEO related Wordpress modifications, and setup up other necessary tools to aid in SEO performance.

Wordpress Web Development - 11 Grins - A Digital Marketing Agency

Wordpress Development

Starting with our own bare bones in-house foundation, we build in the essential goodies that your project requires. All our Wordpress solutions are custom and built to be light weight and efficient.

Wordpress Maintenance

Wordpress issues frequent minor updates as well as less frequent major updates. Wordpress core updates can cause plugins to stop working, which often will break your website.

Wordpress Plugin Updates

Plugin updates are issued routinely from developers, often monthly. Plugins should be updated as often as possible to prevent website vulnerabilities.

Website Testing - 11 Grins - A Digital Marketing Agency

Wordpress Website Testing

Prior to launch, we test on across Mac and Windows platforms, on a variety of current browsers, and pertinent current devices to ensure your new website is displaying, operating, and loading properly.

Website Hosting - 11 Grins - A Digital Marketing Agency

Wordpress Hosting

For our new builds, we offer hosting that is specifically designed to work with Wordpress. In addition to optimizing pages for speed, one should also use good hosting that pairs well with the technology you are using.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What is Wordpress?

Wordpress is the exclusive content management system (CMS) that we use to build all of our sites upon. You can think of it like a skeleton for a person or a foundation for a house. It is a system that allows us to manage your content.

Why do you use Wordpress and not some other CMS?

Besides the fact that we are Wordpress pros, have 10+ years using it, and that we love working with it! Wordpress has been around since 2003, so there is tremendous support for it.

What does CMS stand for?

Content Management System

What is a CMS used for?

A content management system is a platform that allows a user to manage their website information more efficiently.

How many websites use Wordpress?

In 2024, over 34 million live sites are using WordPress.

Who uses WordPress?

In 2024, some notable names are Sony, the PlayStation blog, Disney books, Spotify Newsroom, Vogue, the White House, and more.

Is your hosting secure?

Yes, our hosting is secure and is designed specifically for use with Wordpress.

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